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Threat Brief: 
Living Off The Land

Threat Brief: Living Off the Land Attacks


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Ransomware gangs are using a clandestine cracking method to sneak into networks without raising any alarms. 

“Living Off the Land” (LOTL) attacks are a covert way for cybercriminals to infiltrate organizations and steal data. Rather than breaking into a business and deploying easily detected hacking tools, threat actors instead abuse legitimate processes already available on a machine to perform malicious tasks. 

This report reveals Lockbit, Vice Society, and ALPHV’s favored LOTL tools, along with vital intelligence to uncover LOTL techniques in the ransomware attack chain.

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Threat Brief: Vice Society

In the past 12 months, a cybercriminal gang called Vice Society targeted more educational institutions with ransomware attacks than any other cybercriminal group. Gain insights on Vice Society and the steps organizations can take to protect against an attack.

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Threat Brief: 

This threat brief reveals the 10 most common searches that lead to malicious ads, how cybercriminals abuse Google to place malvertising in front of users, and guidance for protecting businesses from this threat.

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2023 State of Malware Report

The 2023 State of Malware report breaks down the 5 most dangerous threats to businesses this year—including LockBit and SocGholish—dissecting where they spread, what they destroy, and how to stop them.

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2023 Ransomware Emergency Kit

Ransomware is a clear and present danger to organizations of all sizes. This emergency kit tells you what you need to know to understand the threat, how to harden your business against it, and what to do if your organization is attacked.

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Endpoint Security Evaluation Guide

Choosing endpoint security should be simple. Here’s your guide. This ebook explains the 11 vital criteria for evaluating endpoint security to protect businesses today, complete with vendor-by-vendor breakdowns on efficacy, performance, and reliability.

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2023 State of Ransomware Report

In 2023, ransomware gangs hit hard against the UK, UK, Germany, and France, with the US shouldering 43% of all global attacks. This report equips your organization with the intel it needs to counter ransomware gangs' latest attack techniques.

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