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Server security starts here.


Malwarebytes is the Trusted Industry Standard for Business

Antivirus software for servers is good. Next-gen is better. But server security that integrates base-line prevention with cutting-edge detection and response is BEST.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for Servers detects, isolates, and remediates advanced threats to protect the backbone of your business.

Protect your business in just a few clicks.

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Effective and intuitive -out of the box

Deploys in minutes. No fussy technical setup required for full protection from ransomware, malware, viruses, and more. 2

Easy to manage from our cloud-based console with an intuitive interface. 2

Actionable, high-quality alerts and notifications that help businesses respond faster to threats.2

1. Malwarebytes Labs, Malwarebytes outperforms competition in latest MRG Effitas assessment, 2022, 

2. Malwarebytes Labs, MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation results: Malwarebytes’ efficiency, delivered simply, earns high marks, 2022,

<175 MB

Our lightweight EDR agent minimizes impact on your server’s disk performance and utilization.

Don't sacrifice performance for protection

<0.3% CPU Utilization

Our agent offloads compute-intensive tasks to our cloud-native Nebula platform to keep your server applications running and humming.

<409 MB RAM

Our agent leaves plenty of memory resources available for the applications that matter most to your business.

#1 Antivirus for Servers

The BEST antivirus for servers goes far beyond traditional antivirus—it’s anti-every-cyber-threat-you-can-imagine-at-every-attack-phase.

of ransomware threats1

of financial threats1

of fileless attacks1

As recent third-party evaluations attest, Malwarebytes EDR for Servers protects businesses from:

Malwarebytes EDR for Servers delivers fast, lightweight, comprehensive security, purpose-built to safeguard servers without draining performance.


You want to devote your time to improving business operations and accelerating growth, not configuring unnecessarily complex EDR. You want to install, kick back, and relax.

We hear you—so do it: Malwarebytes EDR for Servers is ready when you are.

Suspicious activity monitoring. We continuously analyze server processes, registries, file systems, and network activities. We then apply leading-edge AI/ML technologies to draw your attention to users and applications that aren’t behaving normally.

Innovative technology 
keeps servers safe

Granular attack isolationWhen we detect suspicious activity, you can isolate it by device, process, network or any combination of the three. You can then safely and remotely investigate the isolated threat and restore or remediate it with the click of your mouse.

Ransomware rollback. If ransomware behaviors are detected, Malwarebytes activates file backups. With one click, incident response teams can roll back affected systems to a pre-attack state for up to 72 hours.

To cybercriminals, your servers are treasure troves of monetizable data. They use advanced techniques to attack—but Malwarebytes EDR for Servers will stop them.

#1 Endpoint Security Solution

"Malwarebytes' results underscore the effectiveness and importance of leveraging machine-learning driven processes 
to combat novel forms of malware and prevent false positives." 
-MRG Effitas

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