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Malwarebytes is the Trusted Industry Standard for Business

You don't need a large IT staff to provide enterprise-grade endpoint protection for your business. You just need Malwarebytes EDR.

Upgrade your legacy antivirus and safeguard against ransomware with the #1 trusted solution for business.

We stop ransomware, guaranteed.

We're so confident in our Endpoint Detection and Response, that we'll refund your annual subscription fee if you suffer a ransomware attack. No questions asked.

We stop ransomware, 

Protect your business in just a few clicks.

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See how our cross-platform solutions prevent and remediate threats for organizations of all sizes.

Prevent further

Block network access and post compromise actions

Complete protection against crippling ransomware attacks in four simple steps:

Why choose Malwarebytes EDR?

Detect faster

Detect and prioritize events and incidents

Respond quicker

Investigate alerts and remediate incidents

Recover sooner

Restore network to a   pre-compromise state

What industry experts are saying

"We saved a month of downtime and firefighting."

Paul Yoder

El Camino Community College

"We changed the game to automated protection."

Melissa Davenport


"We stopped malware outbreaks for over 4 years."

Tyler Warren


Built in the cloud, our EDR solution readily scales and provides consolidated threat incident response visibility across all geographically distributed endpoints.

Malwarebytes offers best in class antivirus for companies ranging from small business to large corporate.

Malwarebytes EDR is the ONLY security solution you need.

Endpoint protection and recovery is natively built into Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response. Therefore, Malwarebytes EDR is the only ransomware solution you need.

Malwarebytes EDR prevents, detects, and responds to ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, backdoors, viruses, brute force attacks, and "zero-day" unknown threats so you can avoid business disruption and financial loss.

Built-in the cloud to simplify endpoint detection and response across your distributed locations and dispersed workforce.

Automated complete antivirus endpoint protection and remediation.

Our automated approach eliminates the need to manually remediate malware attacks, freeing up valuable resource time and improving your endpoint security.

With our proprietary endpoint solution, your enterprise gains effective and thorough endpoint remediation as attacks occur.

"Incident response time is now down to minutes. For us, it's a perfect solution - it just works"

Reviewer Name:

Chris Leonard


Food Processing

Company Size:

38,000 employees

What industry experts are saying

"Keeping our customers safe from cybercrime is a top priority and Malwarebytes gives us this peace of mind"

Reviewer Name:

Chris Parker



Company Size:

63,000 employees

"It’s all about speed when you’re hit. Malwarebytes solved our problem fast and effectively"

Reviewer Name:

Alexander Rothaug


IT Logistics & Production

Company Size:

1,600 employees

#1 Endpoint Security Solution

"Malwarebytes' results underscore the effectiveness and importance of leveraging machine-learning driven processes 
to combat novel forms of malware and prevent false positives." 
-MRG Effitas

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