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2023 State of Ransomware

So far in 2023, ransomware gangs hit the US, Germany, France, and the UK hard, with the US shouldering a hefty 43% of all global attacks. Some groups are even exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, allowing them to cast a wider net of victims.  

But with knowledge of the bad guys comes the power to defeat them.  

In this report, we look at the top ransomware gangs and equip your organization with the intel needed to counter their attack techniques.

1,900 total ransomware attacks on just four countries in one year

Education, healthcare, and services are the sectors most at risk

CL0P and MalasLocker are rewriting the ransomware playbook

Use of zero-day exploits in ransomware attacks are growing

Key findings

What's inside

Our 2023 Ransomware Report unpacks the action in four zones: the US, Germany, France, and the UK.  

We highlight in particular the ascension of the CL0P group, which has effectively harnessed zero-day vulnerabilities to amplify its attacks.   

This isn't just a one-off, it's an emerging trend with potential to redefine the game. If more groups start adopting CL0P's zero-day exploitation techniques, the ransomware landscape could tilt from service-oriented attacks to a more aggressive, vulnerability-focused model—a move that could skyrocket the impact of attacks.  

CIOp in 2023

141 attacks on four countries in six months

What you'll learn

You'll uncover why the US has seen a significant uptick in ransomware incidents across the board, especially in sectors like education.  

We'll delve into the recent four-month spike in attacks against the UK, the unsettling uptick in attacks on France's government sector, and how Germany retained its spot as the fourth most targeted country in the world.  

Through it all, our 2023 State of Ransomware equips your organization with the knowledge to counter the hidden mechanics of global ransomware.  

Overtook LockBit twice as most month's active ransomware

Exploited zero-days in GoAnywhere MFT and MOVEit Transfer to gain an edge

US by the numbers

1,462 known ransomware attacks

48 separate ransomware groups attacking the USA

75% increase in the average number of monthly attacks

2023 State of Ransomware

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