Last year was a warning sign. 71% of companies worldwide affected by ransomware, 25,000 vulnerabilities found and recorded, and one cybercriminal gang becoming brazen enough to demand $50 million from their victim.  

You need a new roadmap.  

Inside, we break down the 5 most dangerous threats facing businesses this year—including LockBit and SocGholish—dissecting how they’re delivered, where they spread, what they destroy, and the best practices to protect against them.

2023 State of Malware:
The 5 Cyberthreat Archetypes to Stop This Year

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This report explores:

What you'll learn

Understand how the most dangerous Android threat could upend your entire business and how a devious cybercrime campaign on Windows involves in-depth reconnaissance to deliver the damaging malware to your network.

We also reveal what ransomware gangs are now experimenting with to break into your company—including their offers to “recruit” employees as insider threats.

We’re famous for catching the threats that others miss. Our 2023 State of Malware report will prepare you to beat the threats that everyone fears.

LockBit by the numbers

What's inside

For this year's State of Malware report we asked: What do resource constrained organizations need to know in 2023? 

The results may surprise you.  

Malware detections don’t matter nearly as much as malware damage—just one ransomware attack can close your business. So, when LockBit, the most active ransomware group in the world, is hitting three times as many victims as the next most active gang, you need to know how to prepare.  

Malware delivery is fluid. Microsoft is disabling macros in Word—a prominent method to send malware—but cybercriminals are already adapting.

Macro alternatives in 2022

And for all that’s new, it’s what works that cybercriminals prize most, from reviving the “dead” Emotet threat to infiltrating networks without any, external malware. 

2023 State of Malware:

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