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Endpoint Security Evaluation Guide

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About the guide

Endpoint Security Evaluation Guide

This guide explains 11 vital criteria for evaluating endpoint security to protect businesses today, plus vendor-by-vendor breakdowns on reliability, performance, and reliability. 

Vital protection. Vital criteria.

Organizations need objective standards to measure endpoint security and the sometimes-overlapping technologies that are involved, including corporate antivirus, Endpoint Protection (EP), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Third-party researchers identified 11 essential criteria for evaluating EP— a foundational technology for all endpoint security. Below are a handful. Our guide explores them all.

In the Wild/Full Spectrum: EP products have to protect against the spread of zero-day malware and “in-the-wild” threats.  

Exploit/FilelessEffective EP solutions need to stop modern attacks that leverage known exploits and post-exploitation techniques.

Ransomware SimulatorProtecting against the most devastating cyberthreat to businesses isn’t an option for EP products—it’s required. 

False Positive: EP tools should never lead their users astray with wasted, incorrect warnings. Detections must be accurate. 


The right endpoint security is powered by EP that provides next-gen capabilities, as modern cyberthreats evade old-fashioned detection techniques that can no longer protect businesses.

This guide teaches the key things to look for in a solution  including product capabilities, usability and business requirements— based on the 11 essential criteria tested by third party researchers. 

Presented as easy-to-read, one-page breakdowns, the guide will give you a jump start on evaluating the technologies needed to select the best endpoint protection for your environment.

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